Motor Thefts Impede Local Ministry

In Greeneville, and investigation is underway after two engines were stolen from the worksite of the Greene County Firewood Ministry… which provides wood to heat homes for people in need. Each year, their efforts help up to 350 families, and so far just this season alone, they’ve donated over 1,000 loads of firewood. The engines that were stolen were on conveyors that help separate wood from splitters. Without those conveyors, workers have to manually lift firewood into piles away from the splitters… a process that slows down the entire operation. But help is on the way, after word went out on social media about the thefts. Enough money has been raised already to replace both engines, and one of the conveyors is already back in operation. The other one is expected to be back in service this week. Meanwhile, the search for whoever is responsible for stealing the engines is moving forward.